Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year 2021

In traditional Lunar New Year, pineapple tarts symbol auspicious and prosperity meaning both in Singapore and Malaysia which called “Wang Lai” aka “黄梨” abundant of fortune in Hokkien culture. Over the decades, Bakery Cuisine always stands firm on our mission to bring freshness and nature to our consumers as the main purpose. In the brand new year of 2021, Bakery Cuisine has started a new innovation based on customers’ all-time favorite, we present to you our new release: Salted Egg Pineapple Tart, Walnut Pineapple Tart & Blossom Cranberry Pineapple Tart.

The crispy crust filling with Zero preservatives, fresh pineapple, and the natural ingredients “Walnut & Salted egg yolk”. The process of making from shaping one by one, mixing and balancing the flavors and the crispiness of the crust requires a huge amount of time and effort. Last but not least, our Blossom Cranberry Pineapple tart, a traditional way of baking with cranberry to enhance the taste which gives off an aromatic scent. A good and unique combination that will make you want for more. A savory dish, indulge your taste bud to double up your happiness.

*Only available at Takashimaya (Pre-order 3 days in advance needed)



Every year of Christmas festival, Bakery Cuisine will have several festival special products, although this year we faced with something we had not expected, but YES, we have launched several brand-new products for Christmas, includes cakes biscuits and Japanese style “DaFu”(Snowy Mochi).

One of our Christmas cake is called Yule Log. It is made as tree stump cake shape, with dark chocolate mousse, crispy praline pieces, cocoa sponge, and chocolate ganache. An irresistible shiny chocolate mirror glaze, with a richly sweet-bitter chocolate aroma. The lightness of the mousse, and the nutty praline crunch against the soft yet moist sponge was perfect combination flavours.

Biscuits, another specials product of our Christmas festival. An aromatic scent of buttery topping with cranberry, Belgium dark chocolate and coffee almond expresso baked together. A mouthful of crispy cookie indulges your sweet tooth with a savour moment.

We hope our customers can spend this “Covid-Christmas” time with their precious family, friends, or something they are enjoyable with. Life is beautiful, life with love is wonderful.

New Outlet info

Bakery Cuisine has opened a new outlet in #04-K5 The Clementi mall called Xuan.SG! Xuan.SG(礼品轩)is a new branding under Bakery Cuisine which have variety product choice includes cakes, pastry and snack, even have the old-school biscuits which can brings you back to your childhood life. Hurry come and relive your childhood with Xuan.SG!